How to Use Semrush to Improve SEO | 7 Ways to Improve SEO | RealBSG

How to Use Semrush to Improve SEO | 7 Ways to Improve SEO | RealBSG

Generally, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the non-paid process of ranking the brand's website, channels, profiles, and pages on the internet to get real traffic from search result pages. 
SEO is very important for online businesses and brands because SEO helps them to get potential leads and customers to generate revenue for their businesses.
There're many platforms that help to improve SEO and one of them is Semrush which is my favorite SEO tool.

What Is Semrush?

Semrush is a great SEO tool for all digital marketers. Semrush focuses on competitive analysis, keyword research, link building, on-page & technical SEO, rank tracking, local SEO, advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. 
Semrush has a user-friendly interface that step-by-step guides for next actions. 

Semrush Free Trial

Semrush provides one month free trial for new users. by signing for the free trial, you can use Semrush free for one month.

How to Use Semrush to Improve SEO? | 7 Ways to Improve SEO | What is SEMrush and Why Should I Use It for your Business? |  how to improve seo using Semrush SEO tools | Can I use Semrush for free? - RealBSG

How to Use Semrush to Improve SEO?

1. Finding Low Competition & Long Tail Keywords And Low performing Pages

Already, There's much competition on the internet and that's difficult for most digital marketers to rank the content on that topics and keywords.
But here's the solution that helps to rank the content in search engines and that's using the low competition & long-tail keywords and targeting low-performing pages. 
By using low competition and long-tail keywords, you can improve the site SEO to get potential traffic to the website.
The SEMrush provides the opportunities to identify the low competition and long-tail keywords and target the low-performing pages.
SEMrush provides 5 tools related to keyword research including keyword overview, keyword magic tool, keyword manager, position tracking, and organic traffic insight.
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  • Keyword Overview
Keyword overview provides brief analysis data about keywords. It shows all important metrics of keywords: global search volume, specific country volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, competition in paid marketing, results on SERPs, top-ranking pages, keyword variations, related keywords, questions, ad copy, and more. 

How to Use Semrush keyword research tools to Improve SEO? How to find the low competition keywords on Semrush?

Although, you should use other SEMrush keyword research tools to find the great keywords for the content that you create for digital channels.

2. Identify Your Organic Competitors

The organic research tool allows knowing about the organic competitors. It also shows their rank keywords in SERPs too.
By clicking on the "organic research" on the left sidebar and entering your website address in the search bar. Next, choose the Competitors tab and scroll down to the competitors' list.
There you will find the competitors that publish content similar to yours.
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3. Topic Research Tool

Another SEMrush tool is the topic research tool that allows finding the topics, subtopics, and ideas. 

How to find topics, subtopics, and ideas to cover on website using Semrush topic research tool?

To find great topics and ideas with the Semrush topic research tool, enter the phrase or topic in the search bar that you want to cover on your website.
Finally, You will find the topics, subtopics, and content ideas. There it shows 4 tabs such as Cards, Explorer, Overview, and Mindmap.

4. Position Tracking in SERP

The best way to always stick to SERPs is to track the position in SERPs. Semrush helps you in this case through a tool called the "position tracking tool". 
The position tracking tool helps to improve and boost the positions in SERPs.
It allows saving the project by entering the domain name, location, device types, and keywords that you want to rank for and track the positions.
The position tracking tool shows all the data relevant to your project including the website's landscape, overview, tags, pages, cannibalization, competitors' discovery, devices & location, and featured snippets' data. 
Its reports show three important matrics for all keywords that have been added to the project such as positions, visibility, and estimated traffic to your website.
You should always check the position tracking data to improve your website SEO.

5. Backlink Data

The SEMrush provides four tools relevant to link building: backlink analysis, backlink audit, link building, and bulk analysis.
The backlink analysis tool provides comprehensive backlinks data of the domain names that have been searched for. 
You can start backlink analysis by searching the domain name in the search bar. 
After searching the domain name, it shows data in multiple tabs including overview, backlinks, anchors, referring domains, indexed pages, and competitors. 
By clicking on the tabs you can specify the data. 

Semrush Backlinks tools for improving SEO

Overview Tab
: In the backlink overview tab, you can view authority score, referring domain names, backlinks, monthly visits, and keywords.
Backlinks Tab: There you can see the backlink types (text, image, frame, form), Link Attributions, and all backlinks that the website has earned.
Anchors Tab: Basically, the anchor text is the visible clickable text in the HTML hyperlink. This anchors tab lets you view all the anchor text.
Referring Domains Tab: It allows viewing all the domain names that gave links to the website that have been searched for.


  • Bulk Backlink Analysis

The bulk backlink analysis tool lets you add 200 domains or URLs to analyze their backlinks. 

6. Site Audit Tool

The site audit tool helps to improve the SEO of the website. It let you find the critical issues on your website and additionally gives guides and instruction to fix these problems. 
Semrush divided the top problems and issues into three categories: errors, warnings, and notices. These issues can affect your website search performance.
By searching the domain name in the site audit tool, you can view the site health score, errors, warnings, notices, thematic reports, crawled pages reports, and top 3 issues. 
By fixing the errors you can boost and improve the website SEO using the Semrush site audit tool.

7. SEO Content Template

You can create a great piece of content by using the Semrush SEO content template

Semrush SEO content Template

This tool allows you to search the target keywords to find the best suggestions for your target keywords to create the best piece of content based on Google's top 10 SERPs.
It suggests the semantically related keywords, readability, text length, and backlinks (referring domains).

How to create an account on SEMrush?

You have to create an account on Semrush to improve the SEO. 
Creating an account on Semrush is very easy. Semrush provides the free trial for all new users that help them to use most of its features and tools for free.
  • Visit Semrush Website
Firstly, you have to visit the Semrush site or click on the banner to land on the site and then you have to click on the signup option at the top right corner.

 If you already have an account, then you have to hit the log-in option.
  • Signup
After clicking the signup option, you have to enter all information relevant to your account and select the plan. Although you can start your free trial for 30 days. Finally, submit the account details.
  • Login
Finally, you have to log in to your account to use the Semrush tools.


  • Can I use Semrush for free?
Absolutely Yes, The Semrush provides a free trial for new users that can benefit from all Semrush's tools with some limitations. To remove the limitations, you have to purchase the premium plan.
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  • What is Semrush used for?
Semrush is a great SEO platform that helps all digital marketers, agencies, brands, and companies to improve their online businesses' SEO. 
Semrush is used for SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, advertising, and etc.
  • Why use Semrush?
Every digital marketer needs the Semrush tools because it provides 50+ SEO tools. Semrush tools include keyword research, link building, competitive analysis, domain analysis, position tracking, and more.
Although, Semrush provides these tools at a good price.
  • Can I export the reports and other data in Semrush?
Yeah, It allows you to export the reports and other data in Semrush.


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